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Stermy MVP

Stermy voted as SMES Community Cybsum MVP

Alessandro “Stermy” Avallone has been voted as MVP at Cybsum.


QPAD sponsor ShootMania’s best: colwn

On the back of their SOPA Lan victory, colwn come out with more good news. QPAD sponsor ShootMania’s best team at the moment: colwn.


Cybsum teams have been announced

The Cyberathlete Summit will featuring six of the best teams from around the globe. All six Cybsum teams have been announced.


Stermy interviewed at MLG Spring Championship

Quake legend and current Shootmania player Alessandro “Stermy” Avallone was interviewed by about the player himself, what he’s been up to, a little bit about Shootmania, Quake and more. Check inside for the video!

E3 Showmatch

E3 Showmatch: The guys beat the girls

This evening great gaming legends will clash in a ShootMania Storm showmatch!

Stermy confirms attendance at Cybsum

Yesterday evening I spoke with Quake legend Alessandro “Stermy” Avalone and he confirmed that he will be attending the Cyberathlete Summit on 23-24 June in Paris, France.

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