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Wall Jumping – Shootmania Elite Experimental Feature


NDA-Lift-Day Community Videos – Part 2

Each day until we run out, we will be posting five videos by members of the community. Monday we posted our first bunch of community videos of the NDA lift day. Today we have four videos of SMES’s own Josh “prodiG” Folland and a video by darkpuddle. Check them out inside!


NDA-Lift-Day Community Videos – Part 1

We have already posted some videos of Shootmania, but many more were posted when the NDA was lifted last Friday. We will be posting five videos per day the coming few days. check the first five videos inside, there are some great ones!


All modes gameplay analyzed by Railz Gaming

Railz Gaming have posted videos of all the current Shootmania modes on their Youtube page. Looks inside for all the videos

Movement Tricks Gillz

Shootmania Advanced Movement & Trick Videos by Gillz

Looking to level up your Shootmania game? Gillz has recorded a some videos containing advanced movement tricks and ways to navigate some of the more popular Elite maps. Check it out!

Boss Fight TV

Boss Fight TV release first Gameplay videos with strenx & Av3k

Our friends over at Boss Fight TV have promised to publish videos of Shootmania as soon as they could, and they have done so in style!

Generic Shootmania

New Gameplay Video

Gamespot have a recorded a gameplay video at E3. Check inside for the Pit Fight Gameplay video.

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