ShootMania Esports, or SMES in short, is the leading electronic sports news portal for Nadeo’s First-Person-Shooter game, ShootMania Storm. We are known for our independence, honesty and experience. But we do not want to work alone, because together we are strong and we can push the game forward together.

By working together in various ways we can offer your company, ShootMania, esports in general and our own website more publicity and strength. We look to work together in hosting online competitions, sharing content and even consulting on esports and ShootMania. Besides that, we also have advertisement areas where you can display your products, or we can do reviews on your products from a FPS-end user perspective.

VeryGames –

Founded in 2004, the VeryGames company is specialized in network gaming, web hosting and outsourcing. For professional and private customers, VeryGames offers captivate a wide audience.The main activity is the rental of game servers and voice servers on Internet.

On this very competitive market, VeryGames has become a European reference in just a few years. We host more than 13,500 game servers and voice servers in Europe, located in France, Germany, and in England. We have thus achieved the coveted status of first European host. The success of VeryGames is linked to our desire to work very professionally, with a dynamic team totally dedicated to serve our customers. You were, are and will always be the center of our attention. Innovation, creativity, customer relations, research and development are the key words of our company.

If you wish to become a partner or advertiser of ShootMania Esports, feel free to contact us!

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