Frantic- leaves Eclypsia, forms unrealMania

Eclypsia 2

In a move which will shock many, Frederiek “Frantic-” van Gammeren has left Dutch top side Eclypsia to form a new team.

Eclypsia was the team to beat in recent months, with the cherry on top of the cake being their victory at the ESL Op3n Gamescom tournament. But after the Fnatic PLAY RaidCall Cup, where the team finished third, SMES heard that the team wasn’t as rock solid as we had expected.

Frederiek “Frantic-” van Gammeren told us that he wasn’t having fun with this team mates anymore and that the team spirit dropped. Here is what he told us:

“For me personally it has been a really tough choice to leave Eclypsia, as we did really good as a team. But after a few weeks I felt something was missing, I was not having much fun playing and the teamspirit became a little low. I noticed that on the long term this wasn’t going to work for me and eventhough JiePie and Lekaim are really good players, sometimes playing well isn’t enough. I felt that it’s time to move on and try to find that little extra with another team.”

The unhappy Dutchman has now formed a new team though, with one of his former pure Esports team mates, Christoffer “luxxiz” Losell, the team which folded partly because luxxiz wanted to focus on his studies and son. The two are joined by former Team WinFakt player David “diddix” Glaas and will go under the name unrealMania. Frantic- also had a few words to spare about his new team:

“luxxiz and I have been playing together in pure-esports and this went really well. We decided to create a new team together. We started looking for a third player that fits in this team perfectly. After having played with diddix for a bit, we quickly noticed this was the guy to complete the team with. I think I have found that little extra in this new team and I’m really looking forward to compete in the upcoming tournaments with this line-up.”

Eclypsia are not sure yet how to continue, but they will be looking for a new player to fill the huge gap left by Frantic.

This means unrealMania’s line-up is:

  • Netherlands Frederiek “Frantic-” van Gammeren
  • Sweden Christoffer “luxxiz” Losell
  • Sweden David “diddix” Glaas

Eclypsia meanwhile only have these two players for now:

  • Netherlands J.P. “JiePie” Janssen
  • Netherlands Maikel “LeKaiM” Peeters


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    France WHAT THE FUCK ?!?!?!

    GL both anyway !

  • zelvzz

    France gogo uterz :*

  • Thibaut ‘evl’ Gallet

    France Frantic <3 !
    Gl jiepie and lekaim for finding a 3rd

  • Asatic

    Germany whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? :C
    eclypsia was perfect… but anyway, instead of 1 nice team we got 2 now!! :)
    gl Frantic and gl Lekaim + JiePie

  • Anders Lundbäck

    Sweden uM is a really strong team already, best of luck to you guys. /3bit lundiz

  • Frantic-

    Netherlands thanks everyone :)

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