Three ShootMania Elite cups tonight: [M] & Bazinga win


This evening will see three online cups take place, with some of the best teams all looking to prove their worth. Brackets and final standings inside.

ShootMania-Tournament #3, Punchline Zalman Cup #1 and Millenium Summer Tournament #4 will all take place this evening. Some of the greatest teams will all be attending, looking to prove themselves and warm up for the upcoming ESL Op3n ShootMania Gamescom tournament on 17 August.

Punchline Zalman Cup #1

The Punchline Zalman Cup #1 will have various hardware prizes on offer, in courtesy of Zalman, Qpad, Antec, mTxserv, Bacata and All4Gaming, with a total value of around €2,000.  This will be the organizers first event and will run over two days; 12 and 13 August. Tonight the teams will be playing until the semi finals and the rest will be played tomorrow. The cup will start at 19:30 CET and will feature 32 teams. Find more information here.

Bracket: Here - Day 1 Finished

ShootMania-Tournament #3

For ShootMania-Tournament tonight will be their third display. The cup will kick off at 19:00 CET and will be host to a maximum of 32 teams. The first few edition were a great success and they will be looking to have the same display tonight again. For more information on the cup, go to this page.

Bracket: Here - Finished
Final Standings:

  • 1. Sweden BAZINGA
  • 2. France kilucru
  • 3. France WAITING
  • 4. Germany moulesports

Millenium Summer Tournament #4

The final cup of the night will be the weekly Millenium Summer Tournament, with its fourth edition. Millenium have been hosting these cups since 22 July and will continue till 9 September. Each Sunday the winning team earns itself €150 and the runner up takes home €50. The tournament will feature four invited teams, this time Millenium, gamed!de, Imaginary Gaming and Absolute Legends, and will kick off at 17:00 CET. Find more information here.

Bracket: Here - Finished
Final Standings:

  • 1. France Millenium
  • 2. France Imaginary Gaming
  • 3-4. Germany gamed!de
  • 3-4. France Absolute Legends


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  • Taimou

    Finland First things first, this cup and its organizers were a JOKE with capital letters.

    1. The site went down as soon as cup started, instead we had to look at screenshots taken from their site uploaded to some random site.

    2. Admins were French, this also was a major issue.

    3. Admins “ensured” us that they will provide us the fairest matches in history, including that French people wouldn’t be favored and could be forced in NL or DE servers to minimize ping difference to make the games fair. Instead in our semi-final match they bang it to our face that we need to play on a French server because their sponsor says so.

    4. Oh what happens in the other semi-final game? Absolute Legends are French too, what happens to their game against questionmark? THEY PLAY ON A FRENCH SERVER INSTEAD OF AN AVAILABLE NL SERVER BECAUSE ADMINS SAY SO, big fucking surprise again.

    My apologies for fellow readers to be forced to read my bad English and my usage of such vulgar words, but this fostering of fellow countrymen is beyond my level of comprehension. I’m totally mindfucked, pissed and demoralized to even play this game.

    PS. Can we get a league that bans French people?


    A very pissed Taimou

  • inz

    Germany +1 Taimou.

    I just wondered that they were able to speak some english sentence. WP WP

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