Hylis: Elite & Royal F2P, radical weapon changes

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Hylis, Managing Director of the Nadeo Development team, has today revealed that the game modes Elite and Royal will be available as free to play at launch. Nadeo has also stated that they will be doing testing with reduced rail cooldown and rails that are able to destroy rockets.

Nadeo’s business model regarding Shootmania has so far been known to be one-payment games, with standalone expansions. Additionally players who have pre-ordered the game has gotten immediate access to the beta. As mentioned earlier in the article, there is currently not a lot of information regarding this, however it is possible they will stick with the same business model, making the f2p version with Royal and Elite a sort of “demo” of the game, sort of similar to how Trackmania Nations Forever has been for Trackmania.

This information was released in a video posted earlier today, aimed at the PAX convention this weekend. Hylis was also interviewed on fnaticTV where he answered more questions regarding the topic.

In the same interview Hylis also talked about weapon changes during the next weeks:

  • Rails will be able to destroy rockets.
  • Rail reload time will be reduced, syenergizing with point 1.
  • Attackers will now also be forced to use the Nucleus gun in tunnels, like the defenders.

What Nadeo aims to do with these weapon changes is mainly introducing new tactics and emphasizing reaction speed even further than currently.



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  • Freekje

    Belgium Sooooooooooooooo

    we all pissed away money ?

    • ajpeN

      Belgium we paid to participate to the beta, isn’t that great? haha

    • Hylis

      France We are doing this to improve the experience of buyers as well. Meanhwhile, when 75% reduction on games is applaude, even if some bought it full price the day before. By doing this, we do our best to bring you the best competitive scene in addition to a much bigger game.

      And do not buy games in beta if you are unsure of the final product. This product is going to evolve, with additionnal features and content. Being part of the beta means that you are more or less looking at being part of this evolution. Otherwise, I would advise to really be there at release instead of now.

  • Theuberelite

    United States Woah woah woah woah woah what. I’m guessing this has to do with Ubisoft adapting the “free to play model” right? And that 93-95% of PC games are pirated? Sigh.

  • Hylis

    France Theuberelite, we have no issue with pirating and a long habbit for releasing free content. We did it in 2006 with the eSports World Cup. In the same spirit, we are releasing a part that will give access to fast development in many countries and especially the ones like Brazil. It will even be better for owner of the game who shall experience a wider range of competitions thanks to the audience.

    Also, I believe that the additionnal services and the diversity of evolutions and experience that are going to happen on the full game will be much bigger than the part we decided to give access to everyone. Until then, the 3 to 6 months period will also see various features and evolutions that are probably interesting to test before.

  • iNz

    Germany “with reduced rail cooldown and rails that are able to destroy rockets.”

    Are you even serious ? This is the worst shit ever and will totally fuck up the game in any competetive sense.

    • roychez

      Netherlands I think it should actually give some depth and add some new skill to it. But instead of judging before hand, why don’t you just wait and see. It’s only a test mode to see how it goes. If it’s good, it’ll be used. If it’s bad, it won’t be used.

  • micHiiii

    Germany theres no reason to be upset. it’s actually quite the contrary, 16€ for this game are, in my opinion, worth it. i payed for it and i’m enjoying the game. now if they release the elite mode for f2p play, im fine with that if it means a bigger playerbase.

  • Taimou

    Finland yes this will of course give so much more depth to the game than it already has….
    rofl, attackers winning every round gg.

    • roychez

      Netherlands Like I said, let’s wait and see first. People seem to forget what “Beta’ stands for. It’s for testing things like this and trying to think outside the box instead of doing the same-old same-old.

      • Taimou

        Finland People paid for the beta, game is being played just because money gets poured on it. And the money it gets is fucking laughable and 90% of the tournaments are in France. And now they make the competitive mode f2p, dear god Nadeo.

        • killaprodtm

          Germany @6942163326c25f586ec66fe52c4e1a4a:disqus I payed for getting full access to all game modes and features SM gives me on the release date.
          Tournaments in France? I don’t give a shit since the game hasn’t even started and since I can play online 24/7 if I want. Making the 15 % of the game (When the other environments come out) ‘f2p’ is like you buying Trackmania United Forever. You will experience a lot more with it.

          I totally agree with roychez and hylis of course. Trackmania has been a success until now and Shootmania is not an exception.

          And to you raging about the hitboxes,
          u need glasses?

          • Taimou

            Finland well who the fuck are you? the game will never take off as it is now. have fun playing a dead game


          • killaprodtm

            Germany @6942163326c25f586ec66fe52c4e1a4a:disqus: Deep in your wildest dreams you will be still searching for a game that fits into your ‘concept’. Insulting everyone (OP is not an exception) , flaming about the game itself and not even daring to accept changes fits just wonderfully into a CoD stereotype!

            *sarcasm off*: The game is not dead. You are talking about a BETA.. an unfinished game that just waits to get improved. Instead of hanging around here and insulting guys, you could post your suggestions politely on forum.maniaplanet.com .

            P.S.: May I offer you these?

          • Taimou

            Finland you’re the biggest troll ever now omg lol xD. I am playing cs:go and even that garbage replicate of CSS which is atleast better than this piece of shit.
            Yes, the game is in beta, it had 2 “big” tournaments in alpha and a decent one at gamescom. Streams had fucking LAUGHABLE(with capital letters) amount of viewers and trying to promote an unfinished game with money only is wrong. It might have a small chance but it will never have any major tournaments and will never get picked up my lans except inside france maybe @ 2013.

            If people actually wanted to compete seriously on this game they would have gotten it ages ago or tried to get a alpha/beta key. The game has no sophisticated tactics, it basically has no depth what-so-ever, only trying to find angles with rail(which has a spread.) Wow isn’t that fucking creative.

            If you wouldn’t be shit at the game you probably would know about these matters, but since you’re just a random mong trying to be cool at internet you can just keep on playing if you find that playing a bad game is fun.

            P.S. Deep in your wildest dreams you wish this game would go big, but sorry dear it won’t, it certainly won’t, atleast not on the competitive side.

          • Taimou

            Finland I’ll offer you some comfort and if this game gets picked up by a major tournament after ESWC i’ll film myself drinking my own semen while shouting yoloyoloyolo.

            But it won’t happen, hahaha

          • killaprodtm

            Germany haha , we’ll see

            I have played CS:GO too. (But not in tournaments) As a CS:S player, I really can’t say so much bad about that game. It’s like the same game, yeah right, but also, this kind of game needs something like this.
            Haha, the biggest mistake Valve made is releasing console versions! So ‘laughable’, but hell yeah both games aren’t released atm.

            I still play CS:S v34 , and see, still full servers after years! That’s because the game is kind of unkillable and as long the russians keep the servers open, I will stay there.

            Going back to Shootmania, it is really a matter of taste.. don’t want to argue about that now,

    • Hylis

      France it is really easy to balance that if required. You just have to increase the laser reload time, or decrease the one of the defenders. You can change the stamina quantity and reload time as well. And before all this, you can even make maps that are better or less for attackers.

      Also, many people miss the fact that it provides a way to protect yourself against the attacker, since the laser itself is stopped by your rocket.

      Anyway, we will test and see how it adds to the action.

      • Taimou

        Finland you probably should fix the goddamn hitboxes for rockets and then think about the gameplay itself, because fuck me, the rockets do damage through walls, they register sometimes from miles away and even if they hit a wall or floor very close to the player it makes splash damage.

        Also the player models sticking out more from behind walls depending which way you run and which direction you are looking to at the same time; this wouldn’t really matter but it gives the attacker with some reflexes an edge over defenders, also some random rail spam hits easier because of this.

        Quoted from Hylis: ”
        Also, many people miss the fact that it provides a way to protect yourself against the attacker, since the laser itself is stopped by your rocket.”

        This might sound ignorant but it really isn’t: shoot feet, win rounds. If you give me the bullcrap of this giving more opportunities for defenders to go aggressive you’re dead wrong mate. Decreasing the time for the rail reload time just makes the defenders turtle and spam even more, which is the biggest problem of the game right now and it makes the game absolutely disgustingly boring to watch.


        • Hylis

          France ok, you do not seem in a good mood to discuss.

          try to shoot in the feet instead on the full hitbox if you think it is as easy and keep your 2 cents.

          • Taimou

            Finland You’re just dodging my allegiations(not entirely sure of the english word) with that apt comment, because you do not know the answers to them or how you could argue them because I am right.

            When I actually played the game seriously over 95% of the time I had no chance to shoot the full hitbox because of the playstyle of defenders.

            Also why did you suggest me to shoot the feet since its exactly the same as chest or head hitbox because its entirely the same size.

            and again legs and hands sticking from behind walls when you run away woopwoop.

            disappointed at you.

          • Hylis

            France And me disappointed at you as well. You seem to like to talk about gameplay, but you do it from a too much agressive way.

            I know about the splash damage of the rocket, it is made on purpose. It was made on the day players ask for reduce trigger size of the rocket to avoid it to explode when they fire it. So, their radius of explosion is smaller than the area of damage. If you want it to be removed, find a positive and construtive buddy that knows how to express himself without begin agressive, and tell him to discuss with me so I can understand the pros and cons according to you. I would then compare it to other pros and cons and make a decision for it.

            And yes, trying to shoot only in the feet is more difficult that trying to shoot the full guy.

          • Taimou

            Finland How do you find my last post aggressive since I sincerely can’t?

            Okay splash is made by purpose , point taken.

            Why should I find someone else to talk with you since I am doing that right now; cons: getting hit through walls and splash when there shouldn’t be any kind of splash damage, giving more random to the game because those shots should have not hit at all because they hit the wall. Simple ain’t it?
            I can’t find any pros from it.

            Also couldn’t find any answers from your post for the rest of the claims I made.

          • Hylis

            France You wrote ”
            Why should I find someone else to talk with you since I am doing that right now”

            I hope you understand that this is more important to find people that are ok to discuss correctly before even trying to have a discussion. I don’t think you are far from that, but I hope you can acknoledge some ‘flaws’ in your way to discuss when you write this, for example:

            “rofl, attackers winning every round gg”You either think we are stupid, either you just want to be agressive. Honnestly, do you really think that we would suggest a mode where the attacker wins every round after making a full game? So, better to say “It seems to deepen the gameplay but it requires to balance the parameters so the attack can only win (insert here you preferred ratio)” Or “Does not seem interesting in the gameplay, because (insert here your arguments)” etc.
            I think I will set up a small group of discussion in order to move forward on some topics. Because some think that to frag is fun everywhere.

          • Hylis

            France and I don’t say that you are looking to frag. but I still believe your style can be improved

  • http://www.facebook.com/acer.jansen Acer JaNsen

    Germany the weapon balance is quite nice as it is. In fact for the novelty of the game mode it was almost perfect to begin with. I think banlance wise the only productive improvements can come from map design.
    Lower rail reload time, decreases an important skill component as well as rail destroying rockets lessens the importance of dodge movement.
    both are 2 major components in skill differentiation and should not be touched without
    keeping that in mind.
    In my opinion you are going the wrong way with this. You should get together with good players and discuss balance tweaks or at least rely on some feedback.
    I have paid as well for the game but making elite f2p is a good way to get more people to play the game so i dont really care about the “lost” money.
    just my 2 cents

    • Hylis

      France Thanks for the feedback. This laser vs rocket is part of a test. When I tested it, it feels that there is potential for deeper thinking and more impressive actions. It is really early, and this is why we are setting up experimental server. I doubt it can simply discuss without trying it and without trying to adapt it. It is really easy to decrease the radius range of the rocket vs laser, so it is also easy to decrease the importance of it. It is also a way to dodge in some situation. If we simply increase the time when the attacker would get the new laser after the rocket/laser impact, it quickly balance in favor of the defenser who already have potentially other ammos at disposal.

      On balance, it can really come from maps. But I am thinking of additional stuff to increase the need to move on the maps. For example, we can add optionnal checkpoints in the maps that the attacker can activate to reduce the capture time. Let’s say it would be raise to 2 secondes, but with three checkpoints in the map, each reducing the capture time by half a second. It would make strategies to only hide really dangerous, since the attacker would take the pole in half a second after.

      And if the attacker becomes too strong because of that, then reducing the reload time would balance it. With rocket deny but adapting the auto-reload time on a right balance, then we can have a more dynamic action, deeper, with more choices and requirement to adapt to situations.

      my 3 cents ;)

  • Player

    Romania well i guess its good for the competitive scene by making elite f2p ,even tho they kinda “scam” the people who pre oredered the game(should be a lesson never to pre order again from nadeo or ubisoft).Its funny to ask people money only so they could test the game for u and help u improve it.usually in f2p games if u pay money u get at least some advantage ingame compared to other players (skins,ranking system points etc.).People who paid expect something in return nadeo,nobody cares about the other game modes who will be available,because those will get to be inactive due to the big number of players in royal and elite.
    im happy about this decision even tho i think its unfair to loyal customers.

    • Hylis

      France Fair or unfair will have to be seen at release. It is really surprising how a 75% promotion is seen as positive for customers, while an access to bring more people to buyers is negative. Off course it will be better to have the game, off course people who wanted to be in beta got in a game that can change. I can easily undertsand that players get surprised, I can understand that they do not see their real intereset into this, but the more they care for Elite, the more it is a good news for them as well. This is why you are happy and I believe it is fair for customers.

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