gamed!de in desperate need of new third


Team gamed!de are in a whole lot of trouble, as one of their players cannot attend the ESL Op3n Gamescom last chance qualifier, which is only three days away.

On 16 August the last chance qualifier will take place live at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Sixteen teams will battle for four spots in the Grand Finals, which will take place the next day.

This morning eleven invited teams were announced for the qualifier, including Team gamed!de. But the Swedish-German side are now in some trouble, as one of their players, Geny, cannot go to the event. This means the team are looking for a quick replacement for the player, for the event and possibly a full spot after the event as well.

You will need to pay your entrance to Gamescom, as well as €40 for the hotel. If you are interested in joining the team, contact Draceus on IRC (#shootmania on Quakenet, contact gamedde|Draceus) or on Xfire (draceus92).

  • Sweden Rasmus “Draceus” Waern
  • Germany Artur “artier” Bischof
  • European Union You?


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  • Dekey

    France +FreakyNoise

    • Dekey

      France oh no he will with epsilon :(

  • Jekoz

    Germany good luck artur & rasmus hope you found one by now… those two are the best mates someone can have trust me know them from brink and CS:S

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