ESL Op3n last chance qualifier with 16 teams

ESL Gamescom 2

ESL have announced that their ESL Op3n Gamescom last chance qualifier will only have sixteen teams.

Four teams have already qualified via the online tournaments, which took part last week. Millenium, colwn, Team Dignitas and RedWave are all assured for their spot in the eight team tournament at Gamescom.

It was believed that the last chance qualifier, held on 16 August at Gamescom itself, was to be open for all teams. But now it seems that ESL have decided to only allow sixteen teams, which will be selected via certain criteria. A somewhat strange decision as it is likely that some teams have already booked their hotel and flight tickets, which they might have done for nothing now.

Eight teams will be directly invited and selected by ESL and Nadeo. They will base this solely on the results during the online qualifiers. The other eight will be randomly drawn, which you can register for here. Be sure to sign up before 10 August at 15:00 CET, as the sign ups will then close.

The ESL Op3n ShootMania Gamescom Grand Finals will take place on 17 August in Cologne, Germany. Eight teams will participate and will be placed in a bracket. They will be fighting for a total prize purse of €8,000.


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