ESL announce August cup schedule


ESL have posted all the ShootMania cups they have scheduled for August on their website.

So far, ESL have announced three Elite 3v3 cups and two Joust cups which you can participate in over the course of August. Yesterday we had the first ESL Beta Cup of the month. On 14 August the second of the month will take place. Below is the entire schedule:

  • 14 August – Beta Cup #3 JoustBrackets
  • 19 August – Beta Cup #4 EliteBrackets
  • 23 August – Beta Cup #5 EliteBrackets
  • 26 August – Beta Cup #6 JoustBracket
  • 29 August – Beta Cup #7 EliteBrackets
The German league hosts have also opened their first Elite ladder, which you can sign up for here.


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  • Kak0

    France Is it just me or the rules for the Joust tournaments are actually the rules for Elite ones ? Shouldn’t the “team_pointslimit” setting be 7 instead of 6 (if that’s its actual name) ?

  • sKiLoU

    France Hi all
    French stream tonight for ESL Beta Cup #5

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