4nothing become Legends

Absolute Legends

4nothing have gone from their North American organization over to Absolute Legends.

Absolute Legends have a fairly young history for a gaming team, but it is still rather rich. The organization was founded by Tim Buysse, a former Fnatic League of Legends player. That is also the game where the organization kicked off in and earned its credit. After a merge with eSahara, the organization added a whole load of new teams and players, including a star studded StarCraft II squad and also Quake Live and current ShootMania player Kevin “strenx” Baeza. And now they look to continue on that course with the addition of a ShootMania team.

4nothing joined their organization in end June, but only have one of the initial players left in Matia “Sephis” Trosic. It was just two days ago that Danny “FreakyNoise” Stoll was replaced by Brendan “qUAkO” Antoni of 3DMAX.

The team have really started to make a name for themselves more recently, finishing 3-4th in the Team Dignitas Vibe V3 Cup and a rather impressive second place in the second ESL ShootMania Op3n Gamescom qualifier. Now they have been picked up by Absolute Legends and will be traveling to Cologne, Germany to attend the last chance qualifier for the ESL Gamescom tournament.

Absolute Legends is:

  • Switzerland Matia “Sephis” Trosic
  • France Thibault “s7″ Desjardin
  • France Brendan “qUAkO” Antoni

Statement by Sephis on Absolute Legends’ website:

“We could not be more excited to start playing for Absolute Legends and to finally find an organisation which’s support and professionalism meets with our team’s expectations. For us, it was  an easy choice to make, since we truly think that AL can help us get to the highest level on Shootmania.

“Our major goal is to prepare for the Gamescom qualifiers and tournament and also for the future offline events. We would like to thanks Tim and Stephane for giving us this great opportunity and also 4nothing for supporting us over the past several weeks.”

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