Pickup Bot launched in #ShootMania.Wars on Quakenet

SM Wars

A pickup-bot has just been launched in the unofficial ShootMania War channel #ShootMania.Wars on Quakenet.

The pickup-bot does not currently have a website, but according to the bot developers it will have one in the close future. At the moment there is no ladder system, but using the pickup bot is a good way to meet new people and play some more serious Elite games than just public. The bot automatically divides the players into teams and #ShootMania.Wars provides a server for the players to use. As for now there is no support for Teamspeak or similar voice clients, but this is something the developers are working on right now.

To play, connect to irc.quakenet.org with an IRC client, or with the webchat client at webchat.quakenet.org. After doing this, join the #shootmania.wars channel by writing /j #shootmania.wars in your client. When you have successfully joined the channel you can add yourself to the gather (pickup) by writing !add in the channel. You will get a PM from the bot when five other players have joined. To remove yourself from the waiting list, write !remove. You can see all commands by writing !help.

There are also a lot of other Shootmania related channels at Quakenet, such as:


  • #Shootmania 


  • #Adroits
  • #GT
  • #IGL.QL
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  • #H2k-Gaming
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  • #pure.SM
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And of course our own channel: #ShootManiaEsports.


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