HighZone Tour-V1 with 1500€ prizepot


HighZone Technology have announced an tournament website, named HighZone Tour.

They will be opening their new website with an online ShootMania tournament with a prizepurse of 1500€. A total of 32 teams will be accepted in the tournament, who will be placed into eight groups of four teams. The top two will head into a double elimination bracket. Eight of the 32 teams will be invited, while the other 24 will have to register.

Registrations open on 15 August and the tournament will take place somewhere in September. When in September this will happen is not sure yet, but it should be between 5 and 10 September. A total prize purse of 1500€ will be available, with 900€ going to the winner and 600€ to the runner-up.

You can head over to their website for more information.


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Former Editor-in-Chief and General Manager at Fnatic, now the man behind SMES. I love FPS games, but it has lacked them a lot recent years. I hope for ShootMania to revive the genre.

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  • longas

    Spain Sick news, these are the kind of tournaments SM needs to grow as a good e-Sport :]

  • godson

    United States is this going to be a lan event or online?

    • roychez

      Netherlands Online

  • JiePie

    Netherlands No registrations opened and the site seems to be offline… I think you can remove this cup from the upcoming tournaments list.

    • roychez

      Netherlands Also no reply to my email :(

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