ESL open ShootMania page – Elite in Versus


ESL have opened a page specially dedicated to ShootMania.

The German league is known to be the world’s greatest and biggest esports competition. It supports a lot of games in their online leagues, with the creme de la creme playing in the ESL Intel Extreme Masters. It now seems that ESL have opened a page which is specially dedicated to Nadeo’s FPS title, ShootMania.

There have been a lot of requests on the ESL forums for them to open a ShootMania section, and finally the admins have listened. The section is currently empty, but you can still play Elite in ESL Versus, which is a feature designed by ESL to make mixing and playing together easier. ESL Versus also has a ladder for each game, where you gain and lose ladder points by playing. At the moment there is no ESL Wire (anti-cheat) needed, but this will probably come as soon as the developers adept it to ShootMania.

When the page gets filled up you will be able to play in gathers, ladders, cups and more. If these competitions pick up, there will be a good chance that ESL will pick the game up and open the famous “Go4″ (Go4SM in this case) for ShootMania, perhaps followed by the ESL Major Series and possibly even the Intel Extreme Masters, which is currently without any shooters.

Be sure not to miss any action on this page. We will notify you when it actually has content and we hope that you will be active on it and support ESL, as they will support us. Find the ESL ShootMania page here. If you want to help admin the ESL section you can apply here.


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  • longas

    Spain Good news :)


    France Hope to see many people on Versus !

  • LordPozitive

    Hungary Wow, nice! And still early beta.

  • Acker

    Denmark Would be awesome with a Go4Shootmania! :)

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