QPAD sponsor ShootMania’s best: colwn


On the back of their SOPA Lan victory, colwn come out with more good news. QPAD sponsor ShootMania’s best team at the moment: colwn.

Via Alessandro “Stermy” Avallone his personal website, the team has announced they will be sponsored by QPAD. With the support of QPAD, the team will be heading to Cybsum and other upcoming (to be announced) Shootmania LAN events.

QPAD is a Swedish-based manufacturer of gaming gear, such as mice and headsets. They have, and still do, sponsor several entities in esports, including gaming organization, Team Dignitas, and online show and cup organizer, The GD Studio. If you wish to know more about QPAD, head over to their website.

About the QPAD sponsorship, Stermy said this:

“We are happy to announce QPAD as our partner!¬†We want to personally thank Qpad for the great support, it will definitely help us perform well in the tournament!”

Team colwn’s three players are:

  • France Michael “winz” Bignet
  • France Pierre-Emeric “l1nkin” Portier
  • Italy¬†Alessandro “stermy” Avallone

Source: stermy.com

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