NDA-Lift-Day Community Videos – Part 1


We have already posted some videos of Shootmania, but many more were posted when the NDA was lifted last Friday. We will be posting five videos per day the coming few days. check the first five videos inside, there are some great ones!

Gameplay Video by adsun

Rage Valley – Shootmania Montage by Sih

ClouDs – A Shootmania Cinematic

Game Review by TStarGermany

Shootmania Storm Alpha 3 | Royal Mode Online-Gameplay by Nimrod

For all the videos we have posted so far, be sure to head to our videos page!

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Former Editor-in-Chief and General Manager at Fnatic, now the man behind SMES. I love FPS games, but it has lacked them a lot recent years. I hope for ShootMania to revive the genre.

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